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Easter Essentials for Hopping into the Holiday


Make your Easter brunch EPIC this year! Whether you're gathering family for an Easter egg hunt with the kids or sent out an Evite to get all of your friends under one roof for another Crown boozy brunch celebration – there are a few essentials that every Easter brunch requires to ensure an incredible #SundayFunday experience!

First off, we’re talking beverages. Mimosas come in all shapes and sizes (lots of O.J. or no O.J. at all!) and build-your-own Bloody Mary bars are really the only way to go.

  • Mimosas: Champagne is amazing, but Cava and Prosecco options are just as good and can be the affordable choice when you know bottles will be popping all day. Your juice options are endless for mix-ins – orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, pineapple and more. Add an assortment of fresh berries so guests can personalize their mimosa (this will make it easier to find your glass also!) *Crown Picks: Charles Mignon Brut Champagne, Mas Fi Brut Cava, Pasco Grion Prosecco
  • Bloody Mary: Many brunches offer a create-your-own Bloody Mary bar, and it’s a simple option to do at home. Find a long table that will fit what you need – place a bottle of vodka on ice, set out your glasses or cups and then have some fun. Begin with options for rimming the cups – garlic salt, spicy seasoning, go wild! Then let your guests move on to the ice, vodka and tomato juice. It’s the toppers that can be wild – put out toothpicks and then bowls filled with cornichon pickles, crispy bacon, various flavors of olives, martini onions, fresh jalapeno, crab claws, corndogs, mini sliders…the options are endless!
  • Beer & Wine: Two simple additions to your brunch are beer & wine. A few cans or bottles of local craft beer along with a couple bottles of white wine on ice and red wine on the table. Guests can create their own “Beer-mosa” or a Sangria using wine and the juice/berries from the Mimosa table. *Crown Picks: Row Eleven Pinot Noir, On Pinot Noir, The Pessimist Red Blend, Minuty M Rosé

Next up, snacks and bites. Every great brunch has an assortment of savory & sweet dishes. Eggs, pancakes & waffles, fried chicken, bacon & sausage…anything and everything is allowed when it comes to the wonderful mixture of breakfast & lunch! Crown has a wide selection of gourmet options that will give your spread an extra touch of deliciousness.

  • Cheeses & Spreads: Don’t spend the entire morning working over a hot stove. There are quick & easy items you can pick up that will make your guests think you planned weeks in advance. Pick up a few gourmet cheeses and pair them with a selection of crackers and bread options. Decadence comes in the form of caviar, fish dip and fresh seafood. Be sure to include a gourmet cheese setup and special seafood section at brunch to make guests feel like royalty.
  • Sweet Treats: Easter basket surprises aren’t just for kids! For a dessert idea, fill plastic eggs with luxurious gourmet chocolates or truffles. Guests can pick them from a personalized Crown gift basket and be surprised by the treat inside.

Shop online anytime or call us at (866) 946-3830 or write info@crownwineandspirits.com for your Easter brunch essentials: champagne, liquor, beer, wine & gourmet bites including gift baskets!

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